"Desencuentro Intimo"
Oleo sobre tabla - 100 x 100 cm

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Yaoming surpasses commissioner and 3 elder to make component together into highest complete star
Yao Ming was being accepted yesterday when interviewing, laugh say, oneself affiliation is great the average age that lowered commissioner group. In this 4 people, aolazhu flourishing this year 50 years old, deleikesile is 51 years old, mu Dashu is 47 years old, yao Ming is the smallest have 33 years old. Before Yao Ming paragraph time arrives at the United States, spend a snake in all in strange parents with the body year the Spring Festival, commissioner that becomes complete star to surpass the contest that buckle basket, it is Yao Ming appear on complete star in order to be not player identity to surpass for the first time. In the Yao Ming in player career ever 8 selected complete star. Press regulation, 4 judgments can control the [url=http://www.palmexpo.in/cheapnikeshoes.aspx]nike for cheap[/url] outcome with the first-run contest that buckle basket only. The final result of finals, criterion by fan vote. The complete star this year buckles strong opponent of basket contest it may be said to gather, take part in the match the player includes " miniature Zhanmusi " Bulaidesuo, " half animal person " Faliaide, " history go up to buckle basket king the most by force " Zhanmusi White, . Be sure to have a fierce struggle between two evenly-matched opponents one time at the appointed time.
Yao Ming still was in yesterday cease Si Duilian add entered several commonweal activity, he gives giraffe to feed personally in the zoo feed, still attended " Lin Shuhao foundation " establish a ceremony, do commonweal to publicize together with Lin Shuhao, Mu Dashu, appeal people does not want edible fim.
Special remind: CCTV, 5 today 10 00 Xin Xiusai of direct seeding complete star Barkley team VS O'Neil team, tomorrow 9 30 star direct seeding 3 minutes of ball game are mixed completely the contest that buckle basket, acquired 9 00 ministry of direct seeding thing complete star is surpassed.
(Reporter Huangyi but)

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Yao Ming is arrogant year a battle condition flatly rocket irresistibility of 3 tycoons reunion 76 people -- in new network
This field match, the rocket expedited Aersitong, Maikegeleidi, Yao Ming, Badier and Sikela send a battle array first, the A Tai that crural injury ever sufferred before this sits on reserve banquet. A hair battle array of 76 people respect for Glyn, Miller, Dalemu Ge Da of baud, Yi is pulled and poplar.
After the match begins, 76 people play the first ball in casting by Yi Ge Da, mai Di jumps cast strick back. Rocket begin is heated up slow, be notched by what adversary hits a 8-2 Xiaogao is wet. What Yao Ming penalty shot breaks team is brief notch barren, tick off a hand to notch again subsequently, rocket gradually impendent score. This section second half paragraph, ataisite replaces Er of chin the base of a fruit, in entering the court to be cast 3 minutes. After first pass, rocket 26-27 lags behind one minute, yao Ming gets 5 bank 5 minutes, mai Di 7 minutes of 2 secondary attack.
The 2nd match, wafoer enters the court to hit the target with respect to shoot a basket, two teams score continues to be bitten closely. The section behaves Sikelaben pretty good, successive aggression notchs. The rocket pulls open score gradually, the 51-45 when half of a game or contest ends is banner.
After the second half begins, two teams notch alternately, after Sikela ticks off a hand to hit the target, rocket 61-52 is banner 9 minutes. Mai Di hits the target long shot, side team enlarges an advantage. The Yao Ming that this field reappears error is more today, fail to find match rhythm tardy. After 3 pass, rocket 76-71 still precedes, feel of Mai Di exterior line is fervent, already took below 24 minutes of 5 bank 4 secondary attack, sikela also has enter an item in an account of 18 minutes of 10 bank.
After the 4th begins, the rocket is in attack prevent two end get into trouble, 76 people gradually impendent score. Yao Ming still fails to show dominate in former days force, be broken to fall directly by player of the other side unexpectedly when close quarters passes a ball. Miller two punish after hitting the target, 76 people exceed a minute instead. Street ball king hits the target long shot, rocket 89-87 is exceeded again. But adversary immediately is exceeded again, the game active advantageous position masters in the hand. The moment of truth, yao Ming succeeds in center of the other side of the swipe below basket, the rocket chases after 91-93 to differ 2 minutes only. Ge Da of 76 people Yi is pulled again medium dichotomy, the rocket is in be apart from an end lag behind 4 minutes again when 36.7 seconds. After pausing, the rocket is delivered a few times, yao Ming basket issues swipe to hit the target and cause foul, regrettablly penalty shot bos, fail " hit 3 minutes " . The match returns remnant when 5.8 seconds, rocket 93-95 lags behind two minutes. Mai Di is final 3 minutes of skill of hour are disturbed, the rocket is final advocate by 76 people changeover, lose entirely in nearly two engage in a battle with adversary.
Full-court match, yao Ming gets 9 bank 13 minutes, mai Di 5 backboard of 24 minutes of 6 secondary attack, sikela 18 minutes of [url=http://www.epiphanymgmt.com/nikeshoesforkids.aspx]cheap nike shoes for kids[/url] 10 backboard, atai and Landeli are 9 minutes. 76 people respect, yi Ge Da pulls 20 minutes, rice straps 16 minutes of 7 secondary attack, bulande 14 minutes of 7 backboard.

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